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New Name, Logo, and Livery for South Western Railway



Noted Sep. 7, 2017 by Armin

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(Est. 2017, formerly South West Trains) “South Western Railway (SWR) is an English train operating company owned by FirstGroup (70%) and MTR Corporation (30%) that operates the South Western franchise. It operates commuter services from its Central London terminus at London Waterloo to South West London. It provides outer suburban and regional services in the counties of Surrey, Hampshire and Dorset, as well as regional services in Devon, Somerset, Berkshire and Wiltshire. Its subsidiary Island Line operates services on the Isle of Wight. SWR was awarded the South Western franchise in March 2017, and took over from South West Trains on 20 August 2017.” (Wikipedia)

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New Name, Logo, and Livery for South Western Railway
New Name, Logo, and Livery for South Western Railway
Shorthand version.
Logo introduction.
New Name, Logo, and Livery for South Western Railway
New Name, Logo, and Livery for South Western Railway

The old logo was too… happy. More like a bus line in a seaside town than a commuter train in London. Also, it was too… crappy, with its tight letter-spacing that made everything look smushed. The new logo is so much better in execution and relevance to the product/service it’s representing. The icon is an ambiguous, arrow-y thing that could be read as train tracks — although I like my train tracks parallel not perpendicularly crashing into each other — but mostly it’s just a thing that looks transportation-y. The wordmark could be slightly looser in its spacing and allow the rather nice and industrious font selected, Weissenhof Grotesk, to display better. The shorthand version is pretty good too. The livery is a little dry but it has a good, speedy presence. (I have to admit, though, the old livery under the old name was kind of exciting.) Overall, the update makes it look like a legit train operator and since it’s the introduction of a new brand and name, better safe than sorry.

Thanks to Steven Scott for the tip.

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