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New PayPal Logo, in 7 Easy Steps!

Reviewed Sep. 12, 2007 by Armin

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PayPal Logo, Before and After

Update / 09.14.07: It has been brought up to everyone’s attention, through the comments, that I used the wrong logo as the “After” image, rendering the rest of the post somewhat moot. I explain how I ended up with the “After” image in the comments. Even though I could change the whole post so that future visitors would not see the mistake, I would rather embrace the actual events and leave as is. The correct logo is in the comments as well. Apologies to our beloved readers for the oversight.


Web 1.0, if you will, left an indelible mark in the field of identity design: Google, eBay, Yahoo, and, of course PayPal. Logos that are more used, seen and interacted with than Nike, Apple and Starbucks’. A world (wide web) without any of these in their current design state would likely cause an implosion of confusion. Yes, I am afraid these logos will never change. PayPal, however has recently tiptoed into a new identity. Not that anyone would notice. According to this “behind the scenes” blog entry, hundreds of designs were reviewed, but ultimately, and after testing with customers, the internal brand team decided to stick with something painfully close to home. And now, with a new logo in place, the hard part begins, as “there are millions of logos that need to be updated”. So as a service to the millions of users out there that have a PayPal logo on their web site, I have put together a handy guide for how to make a smooth transition into the new logo. Experience with horizontal and vertical scaling of type is necessary; please do not attempt if you have never fidgeted with the proportions of a carefully designed typeface.

Place old and new logos side to side. Assess.

PayPal Guide, Step 1

Delete outer stroke, and retain inner shapes of old logo.

PayPal Guide, Step 2

Establish an x-height between logos, use the P.

PayPal Guide, Step 3

Overlay logos (red, old / blue,new) for reference.

PayPal Guide, Step 4

Close the tracking and fudge the kerning. Reeeeally fudge it.

PayPal Guide, Step 5

Screwy, huh? Now the fun begins: Scale each letter of the old logo to the following, irremidiably irregular and senseless specs.

PayPal Guide, Step 6

Add a ™, change the color in Pal, and you are ready!

PayPal Guide, Step 7

You can download new buttons and thingamajigs here.



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