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No Posts until March 20

Announced Mar. 10, 2023 by Armin No Comments on No Posts until March 20

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There will be no posts this week in part because it is Spring Break and in part because we need to do a field assignment for the Brand New Conference in Chicago — both the conference and the assignment are in Chicago — that will require all of our time available for a few days so we won’t be able to post. There will be a newsletter coming today but none next week.

(Speaking of the Brand New Conference, there is little less than 2 months to go on the pre-sale pricing before we announce speakers in early- to mid-May in case you want to get in-person tickets at the lowest price possible. We have a pretty great line-up ready to go!)

Since you are now paying for content and you are not getting content for one week, those of you on our monthly plan will get a coupon code that can be applied for $0.50 off of your next monthly payment — if you had no intention of renewing, email us and we’ll provide the $0.50 refund. For those on our annual plan you will get a coupon code that can be applied for $0.38 off of your next annual payment. (Annual subscribers who paid via PayPal… sorry, there is no easy way to implement this.) Code and instructions on how to apply it coming to you via email later today.

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