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Norway Blows its Horn

Reviewed Sep. 10, 2008 by Armin

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Posten Logo, Before and After

Experiencing continuous growth as it has acquired many organizations in more than a decade, Norway Post launched a new identity that is now part of a bigger family of brands under the new parent company, Bring. A press release has all the information necessary about the set-up of the new company, along with plenty of numbers that establish the importance and relevance of Norway Post and its different branches.

Posten Floating Logos

There is something really off about this redesign. Sure, it feels more corporate and like a multimillion enterprise, but there is something about postal service logos that call for a more traditional approach. The old logo featured the Crown of Norway (one of only three logos allowed to use it), a post horn — Norwegian postage stamps since the nineteenth century have featured the advanced sounding arrival mechanism — and a very European sans serif— which may look like Gill Sans, but I think it’s Edward Johnston’s precursor for the London Underground — that gave the Posten a formal, trustworthy aesthetic. In contrast, the new logo carries no meaning and, while in five or ten years time it will surely become ubiquitous and recognized, it doesn’t stand for anything. This is a very similar case to UPS, where the company was more about its logistics superpowers than the thrill of receiving a package — resulting in a more abstract logo, devoid of meaning. Way to lead by example.

Posten Family of Logos

Since interpretations of what the new icon means (or why it faces two different directions) and what the new typography stands for are surprisingly absent from press releases feel free to add your own.



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