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On Feedback

Announced Feb. 22, 2017 by Armin No Comments on On Feedback

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I have read each comment and reaction on Twitter regarding the new design. Technical issues will be addressed. Design issues are being (re-)considered (like the appreciation of the old logo or the new color palette). Philosophical issues (like home page approach) are not. I have been neglecting a few other projects these past few months so I have to tend to those for a moment but I will definitely be making some adjustments here and there in the coming weeks. I sincerely appreciate all the constructive feedback… I think if Brand New has proven anything over the years is that I do listen to your feedback and try to integrate some of it as best as I can. Some of the changes to the changes might be welcome by some and not by others or seen as flaky (perhaps reverting to some version of the old logo) but it’s all a matter of finding the right balance. Since we are a pretty nimble operation we can easily adjust to get the best of both worlds: what we (2 people) want and what you (thousands of people) want.


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