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Paging Doctor Who

Reviewed Oct. 7, 2009 by Armin

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Doctor Who Logo, Before and After

I apologize in advance. I am not a Dr. Whovian, and the only things that come to mind when I think of Doctor Who is the long scarf worn by Tom Baker (1974 – 1981), and the fabulously groundbreaking opening title sequence by Bernard Lodge in 1963. So, I will try to skip as many details as possible so as not to get anything too wrong or get lambasted by true fans. The basics, then: Doctor Who is the longest-running science fiction program, having first aired in 1963, and it follows the adventures of “the Doctor,” a time traveler who, in lieu of changing actors, has the ability to regenerate itself any time he dies, allowing the writers and show producers to subtly reinvent the character and let each new actor embody the Doctor’s persona — as part of the metamorphosis, a new logo (either drastically changed or just revised) is introduced as well. A visual retrospective can be found here. To this point, ten actors have played the Doctor and next Spring an eleventh doctor will take to the screen. The BBC yesterday unveiled the new logo and, based on the more than a dozen e-mails I received about this, it looks like the show’s fans are as ardent as ever.

Doctor Who

Tenth Doctor David Tennant (left) and Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith.

Doctor Who

I’m so not in touch with Doctor Who that I didn’t even recognize the latest logo. In my mind it was still the 1970s-looking typography. But no surprises there. The latest logo was a little too delicate, even with its fiery holding shape and nebulous background, missing some “oomph.” The new logo brings some serious “oomph” for sure, with a very heavy, tightly spaced slab serif and a massive DW monogram that represents the Doctor’s preferred mode of transportation, the TARDIS. The overall vibe of the new logo is pretty cool, gloomy and mysterious. But I’ll let the true fans be the judge of it.

Introduction of new logo.

Thanks to Kevin Tucker for first tip.



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