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Pink Goo is the New Black

Reviewed May. 27, 2009 by Armin

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Pepto-Bismol Logo, Before and After

One of the worst things about being sick to your stomach — whether it was because of some bad fish tacos or exposure to an ugly logo — is the prospect of having to take Pepto-Bismol to cure it. Sure, you could take other things, but somehow Pepto-Bismol is a default, widely available, mainstream choice that is easy to recognize either in your medicine cabinet or as you sweat your way through the aisles looking for a cure. Pepto-Bismol looks like pink goo, it smells like pink goo, it tastes like pink goo. It is pink goo. Magical pink goo that more often than not works. Or, like a match that you light to overpower a powerful Number Two, it at least makes you think of what an awful thing you have just swallowed and allows you to forget your upset stomach for a few seconds. As if the product itself wasn’t enough of a reminder of its pinkish gooeyness a new logo and packaging have been designed to emphasize that the stuff you are about to intake is pink and gooey. The logo now oozes, its typography melting at the mere sight of the pink goo that lies beneath it. Pink. Goo. Everywhere.

Pepto-Bismol Old Look

Old packaging.

Pepto-Bismol New Look

New packaging.

Pepto-Bismol New Bottles

New bottles.

Thanks to Gabriel for the tip.



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