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Saddle Up

Reviewed Feb. 8, 2007 by David Weinberger

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Jockey, the folks that invented men’s briefs in the 1930s have undergone a rebranding. What has traditionally been seen as a men’s underwear company (they didn’t start selling women’s undergarments until 1982) is now going gender-neutral. Their old logo was an actual horse jockey complete with cap although the name jockey was a reference to jock-strap which was the inspiration for their breakthrough underwear design.


The new logo is an attempt to be a bit more of a fashion brand and before reading about it, it seemed to me that the mark had a free and stretchy motion to it, almost like seeing someone twirl around from overhead. It also has a woolmark-like feel to it which is good and may have been a selling point when looking at competitors and analogous brands. The logotype also seems to have been rounded on the ends.


Jockey did try too hard to explain the logo. Instead of keeping it simple, they laundry-listed meanings which confused me more than provided clarity. Sometimes a nice mark just needs to be a nice mark. Here are a few meanings they attached to it:
1. symbolic representation of the science and math that we are applying in our product development to raise the bar on our 130-year-old commitment to comfort
2. symbolizes the brand’s global reach and pursuit of unity and harmony
3. The ring in the centre is a universal symbol for unity
4. The seeds of life, which emanate from the ring, are the universal symbol for fertility and were chosen to represent renewal
5. heritage of innovation, and we are carrying ourselves forward in the spirit of renewal
6. a spiral or barrel vault, a design that illustrates the universal ratios found throughout nature that Jockey designers are using as inspiration for prints and patterns
7. People from all cultures associate the number three with the triads
a. spirit-mind-body
b. art-science-religion
c. past-present-future
8. swirl icon embraces both the brand’s heritage of comfort and its growth into the future

Did you get all that? Read it again if you like. Ok, so this over the top but they meant well. Sometimes over-explaining design is necessary to sell everyone in the room but once they settled on a design, they should have burned this document. Once a brand launches, press releases don’t matter.

The home page of the website, as of now, focuses on women which makes it easier to connect to fashion and change brand perceptions. Men in briefs generally talks more about utility and athletics.


Jockey’s in-home direct sales company, Jockey Person to Person, and their post-adoption family support organization, Jockey Being Family, have also adopted versions of the new identity.



As with many consumer brands, the rebranding here focuses on many aspects of communication. The logo is just one part. More important is the way they talk about themselves as a brand and company, what their packaging looks like, what their website looks like and how their products perform.

Lesson (I find myself repeating many times a week):
While no single touchpoint of a brand (logo, website, print literature, the way you answer the phone, etc. ) needs to overtly represent a brand idea, when you add them all up they should lead you to the idea. Meaning, if you want a brand to appear fun, the logo doesn’t necessarily need to look fun, nor do the company uniforms. However when a consumer experiences that brand, they better feel like its a fun brand or else you didn’t communicate the right things.

So, while the logo isn’t overly communicative, it does signal change and when I go to the website and, I imagine, one of their retail stores, I get it. Good job.



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