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Share Posts as PDFs

Announced Mar. 1, 2021 by Armin No Comments on Share Posts as PDFs

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This is neither a groundbreaking nor a super sophisticated feature — more like an it’s-about-time functionality update — but it should satisfy the need some of you expressed very early on when we announced the switch to the subscription model that you would sometimes share a post with a client, acquaintance, family member, etc., and would like a way to continue to do so. You can now save each post as a PDF through your browser’s print functionality by saving it as a PDF instead of printing it. After 14 years of publishing Brand New I finally set up a proper print.css file to output a decent-looking offline version of each post. Some notes…

1. Depending on your browser and platform, the functionality will vary but the goal is to send the post to print and from the print window save it as a PDF.

2. We recommend turning off “print headers and footers”.

3. We recommend turning on “print backgrounds”.

4. Google Chrome has a weird (known) bug where custom fonts and proper layout will not load the first time you send to print so you have to close the window and re-send to print or change a setting in the printer window (like switching between portrait and landscape mode).

5. The layout will work better in portrait mode, otherwise the images get too big and you end up with one image per page.

6. Comments are included by default but they will always start in a new page so you can choose to save up until that page.

7. YouTube and Vimeo embeds will most likely appear blank as their thumbnails are not served from our server so it gets complicated.

8. This is not an exact science and it depends A LOT on what you have going on on your end in terms of internet speed, settings, and software so troubleshooting it might be hard but I will do my best to help you. One quick thing you can always do is try another browser and see if it works there.

9. Share responsibly! This option is meant for the occasional share and not to be turned into a daily routine where one subscriber creates a PDF for a company of 100 employees to read.

Hope this helps and if you find any bugs or things that look wonky let me know. I tested about 20 different posts but there is a lot of variety throughout our archives to proof every variable. Again, this is isn’t meant to be a perfect editorial design experience but it gets the job done of showcasing the text and images in a digestible way.



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