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Shielded Mountain

Reviewed Nov. 13, 2009 by Armin

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Killington Logo, Before and After

I don’t ski, among other things I would rather not do. But judging from the number of tips about it, it looks like plenty of Brand New readers do, or at least plenty of them have an odd attraction to following news from ski resorts around the world. Killington Resort in the town of Killington, Vermont boasts about being the biggest (and meanest) set of ski slopes in the East Coast as well as having one of the most productive snowmaking infrastructures in the whole U.S.. For those that understand skiing lingo here is all that Killington offers. While other ski resorts in the region have gained ground on the market, Killington is going with a new marketing campaign, and identity, created by Factory Design Labs to cement back its position as the leader, and with this vintage tag line revived, “The Beast of the East,” their work has been cut out for them.

Killington Ads

Ski resort identity is not something that gets me pumped up every morning when I think about what to write for Brand New, but I have to say that this new logo is pretty darn cool. The new icon comes in the shape of a traditional shield but is executed in a contemporary way with simple, bold lines that make a “K” on its side. The black triangle is a mountain, the white space above it is snow, then green and blue for trees and sky. Simple and, well, badass if you ask me. The script logo could be seen as an odd choice, but I think it has enough of a wink to make it an ironically conscious choice. I would have personally looked for a less generic script but, for matters of concept, this works. So there you have it, our first review of a ski resort.

Thanks to Kevin Hammond for the tip.



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