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Somewhat New Packaging for Surge done In-house



Noted Sep. 16, 2014 by Armin

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“After a 12 year absence, everyone’s favorite energy soda, SURGE, is back! First launched in 1996, SURGE was a hit with teens and adults alike. After a hiatus, The Coca-Cola Company is bringing the drink back to the excitement and celebration of fans. SURGE is a beloved citrus soda with a fully loaded taste that awakens a familiar rush from back in the day. This is the first time a Coca-Cola beverage is being sold exclusively through an online retailer, Amazon.com.” (Source: YouTube)

Design by

Coca-Cola Company
(Originally designed by Tom Cox in-house with Scott Graham and Malinda Sanna)

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Relevant quote
The SURGE re-launch represents two additional firsts for Coke. The brand, which will be offered in its original formula in 12-packs of 16-oz. cans featuring the same retro design from yesteryear, is part of an innovative distribution deal between Coca-Cola and Amazon. A limited supply of SURGE will be sold exclusively through the online retailer at www.amazon.com/surge, marking the first time Coke has distributed a product solely through e-commerce.

SURGE’s return also will be Coke’s first launch to rely solely on social and digital media. The brand will forego all traditional forms of advertising, including TV and out of home, allowing excitement to build online (follow the brand's journey on Twitter: @SURGE).

Coca-Cola Company press release

Images (opinion after)
Somewhat New Packaging for Surge done In-house
Can detail.
Somewhat New Packaging for Surge done In-house
Somewhat New Packaging for Surge done In-house
Original design process drawings by Tom Cox.
Surge is back promo video.

I don't drink sodas anymore but when I did, nothing beat a good citrus soda and Surge was really one of the best. What's interesting about this — more than it coming back or being sold exclusively through Amazon — is the decision from Coca-Cola to go with nearly the exact same graphic design as the one it launched with in 1996, at the height of Grunge and Xtreme things. At the time, the design made perfect sense. Today? It's definitely weird and out of place, like an off-brand soda that you can only get in one gas station in one state of the U.S. But clearly, this was about building on the nostalgia and fan fervor of the original product and changing the design would have pissed off the same people that helped bring it back to market. Long live Surge!

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