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Spil Games loses its Bounce

Reviewed Feb. 21, 2011 by Armin

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Spil Games Logo, Before and After

Established in 2004 in The Netherlands with a single online game, Spil Games currently offers over 4,000 games aimed at three key demographics: 8-to-12-year-old girls, teens (both boys and girls 10 to 15), and family (mostly moms and their kids). The games are offered through various portals providing them in 19 different languages and they attract over 130 million unique visitors each month. At the end of January they introduced a new identity.

“Our new corporate identity embodies our vision to become the world’s leading online playground by connecting players through their favorite gaming experience as well as our mission to unite the world in play,” said Gregory Kukolj, Spil Games’ Director of Corporate Communications.
Press Release

Spil Games Logo, Detail

Our corporate logo is a symbol of our brand promise to “Unite the World in Play.”
It shows off our positive energy and playfulness.
It projects an open, dynamic, and fluid attitude.
It reflects our modern casual and social gaming audience, as well as our network of innovative advertisers, developers, and partners.
Logo download page

The old logo looked like a dinky, start-up online gaming site (which is what it was apparently), the little bouncy ball made it look as if the games were for toddlers, more than a worldwide audience of video game-playing teens but the typography and color palette made it look like a collection of big boy games — aka, a weird combination all together. The new logo looks more friendly and dynamic, even if it isn’t clear what the icon is, maybe a girl’s ponytail? A vortex of endless fun? But it does, in a basic visual way, fulfill all of the attributes outlined above. The color palette skews more towards the girl spectrum, but the gray definitely helps balance out the pink and purple. Company-wise, the logo makes Spil Games look more like an actual video game company and positions it better to get more serious consideration from advertisers.

Thanks to Sam Mehrani for the tip.



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