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Streamlined Transportation

Reviewed Aug. 12, 2009 by Armin

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VR Logo, Before and After

With roots as far back as 1860 and owned by the Finnish State, VR Group is a “logistics company that provides rail transport and supplementary road transport services.” Basically, if you or your cargo want to get somewhere in Finland you will most likely find yourself or it on a VR train. Looking to tout its environmental focus and approach or, in their words, “to stress the eco-friendly nature of rail services” VR has updated its identity to, not surprisingly, be green and have introduced a streamlined VR monogram. The move to green is one more example of the de-blueization of corporate identity and its propagation globally. The new monogram is a really great upgrade and evolution from the previous one, giving VR a contemporary look without feeling futuristic. All the curves and widths have been nicely considered and executed, which is a must for such a simple logo.

Thanks to Ilari Sani for the tip.



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