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Suffolk University

Noted Apr. 11, 2013 by Armin

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Suffolk University Logo, Before and After

About: (Est. 1906) “Suffolk University is a private, non-sectarian, university located in Boston, Massachusetts and with 9,192 students (includes all campuses, 8,891 at the Boston location alone), it is the eighth largest university in Metro Boston. It was founded as a law school in 1906 and named after its location in Suffolk County, Massachusetts.” (Source :Wikipedia)

Design by: In-house.

Ed.’s Notes: That’s one awkward icon. Is it flames? Wings? Feathers? Lettuce leaves? Type is nice. One more image of the logo with department lock-ups below (or after the jump).

Relevant links: Suffolk University brand guidelines (PDF). Suffolk Journal article.

Select quote: “This new brand system gives us the tools to build a more unified and dynamic university image,” said Greg Gatlin, Vice President of Marketing and Communications. “That will help us with marketing the university, recruiting, fundraising, communicating to current students, prospective students, alumni, employees, you name it. It’s more than just a logo. It’s a whole system of color, photography, typography, language. It’s really a new way of communicating who we are. The idea is to elevate the university’s brand and bring more people into the conversation.”.

Suffolk University

Thanks to Forest Edson for the tip.



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