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Telecine Gets Animated

Reviewed Dec. 3, 2010 by Armin

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Telecine is a family of channels that air in Brazil. Originally a single channel in 1991, Telecine began adding spin-offs in 1997 and this past November it announced a slight restructuring and naming of its channels, along with a new addition. The current line-up includes Telecine Premium, for the latest releases; Telecine Action, for all your Schwarzenegger needs; Telecine Touch, for romance movies; Telecine Fun, for comedies; and Telecine Pipoca (Pipoca means popcorn), for the latest blockbusters. A pumped-up new identity for all the channels was created by Rio de Janeiro, Brazil-based Beeld.


Full range of logos.

At first glance the reworked logos seem decent and straightforward. A perfectly acceptable evolution. But when they get animated and pumped up in three dimensions, they are really amazing.


The same logos on visual steroids.

Telecine Rebrand from BEELD.motion on Vimeo.

I’m probably reacting to the gratuitous eye candy but sometimes, by golly, that’s all a person needs. Especially when it comes to movie channels — help you get right in the mood.

Thanks to Rodrigo Saiani for first tip.



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