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The Best and Worst Identities of 2016, Part 6: The Best Friday Likes

Announced Dec. 30, 2016 by Armin

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We end 2016 — and the Best and Worst lists — with the most decadent, adventurous, and eye-candy-ish of each week’s feel-good Friday Likes.

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This last #13 gets a shout-out because it’s so pretty in silver. It doesn’t get a higher ranking since it’s based off the previous color version from 2014.

This takes the stencil font trend and gives it a spin by rearranging all the loose pieces into a pizza and its toppings.

Very much a fan of the repeating units that make up half of the “M” and each “1”.

A little cray-cray goes a long way in this layering of nearly non-sensical stuff.

Hipster, yes, but properly so in type and illustration with the quirky location to pull it off.

A kid in a red panda suit with moxie to spare.

Who knew a pelican could be a manly, bad-ass mascot?

One of the prettiest monograms all year and simple, pretty packaging.

A lovely color palette with great, subtle typography and a surprisingly cool graphic device in the button.

Dan’s the man with this killer 1970s-tastic wordmark and bitchin’ color palette.

Those gradients, tho.

Stunning typography and great attention to detail across every application.

Minimalism at its best with super tight layouts and just the right amount of personality in the otherwise deadpan typography. The glow in the dark details knock it not just out of the park but out of this world.

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