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The Follow-up Episode 001: Popeyes

We are now live with the very first episode of The Follow-up! This week we are joined by JB Hartford, Creative Director at Jones Knowles Ritchie and their client, David Fernandes, Director of Global Brand Marketing at Popeyes and parent company RBI (Restaurant Brands International Inc.) to talk about, you guessed it, Popeyes.

Many thanks to our first batch of subscribers! If you haven’t subscribed, now’s the time.

I will update this post in an hour or so with a couple of snippets. This is all being done live and rolled out on-the-go!

A few snippets from the conversation.

And for anyone who is not remotely interested in the podcast, no worries, I won’t be posting an update here on Brand New EVERY week. I will be working it in in other ways but while we get the podcast off the ground you have to put up with our self promotion : )



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