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The Logo Less Traveled

Reviewed Mar. 14, 2011 by Armin

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Travel Channel Logo, Before and After

One of my guilty pleasures is watching Man Vs. Food, where host Adam Richman travels the U.S. to find the most local of local restaurants that also happen to serve either the biggest, the spiciest, the sweetest, or a combination thereof of any number of restaurant staples from tacos to burgers to chicken wings. He sweats and suffers. It’s a useless show, but it’s a heck of fun. That’s about the only thing (perhaps some Anthony Bourdain too) I’ve ever watched on the Travel Channel, but that’s more a reflection of my viewing habits than the channel’s fault, which has a great range of original programming. Launched in 1987, the Travel Channel has gone through many owners, including Discovery Communications until 2010 when it was bought by Scripps Networks Interactive. Starting in January a new logo for the channel had been popping up in some promos and now it’s officially on the website. No word yet on who designed it, tip welcome.

A couple of promos with the new look.

Travel Channel Logo

Image showing the scribbly type.

Perhaps one of the most underrated horrible logos, the previous mark was almost embarrassing so anything that replaces it would be an improvement. The new wordmark set in one of those neo-humanist-sans is indeed an improvement, but a confusing one. It looks more like a travel agency logo than a channel about escaping your home and traveling/living vicariously through the channel’s shows. There is nothing really unique about it, and setting it all in lowercase doesn’t count. It’s a fine font but it seems to be lacking some kind of personality, which is somewhat saved by the use of the hand-scribbled font that makes an appearance throughout the site and promos, giving it that adventure-y feel one expects from the channel. I’m not sure how long that look can be sustained and if it might look boring after a while, but in the meantime it does work decently to offset the otherwise sterile wordmark. What we really need is a Vimeo of the on-air package, but that has yet to come.

Thanks Nathan J. Ronchetti for first tip.



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