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The Softer Side of Memorex

Reviewed Oct. 1, 2008 by Armin

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Memorex Logo, Before and After

Before I did the obligatory Googling if you had asked me what Memorex does I would have said recordable CDs and DVDs, period. I would have never guessed that they also sell TVs, DVD players, and all sorts of other audio equipment. This is perhaps as much my fault for not staying on top of my consumer electronic brands but also a reflection of the saturation point that Memorex achieved with their ubiquitous packs of CD-Rs and DVD-Rs. This past September, Memorex — self described as “one of the most trusted and recognized consumer brands in modern marketing history.” — unveiled a new identity that, apart from signaling change it shifts its focus and attention to a female consumer.The S

Through research, we found that women were largely neglected by current electronics brands. Our specific target consumer is a savvy female shopper, between ages 25 and 44, who is constantly on-the-go and has an expressive sense of style.
Press Release

Memorex Packaging

Memorex Logo, Large

Today Memorex will introduce a new signature, or logo, featuring simplified and solid lowercase letterforms that are friendly and approachable. The new Memorex signature features a circle icon or “o” as the focal point, representing connections between family and friends. This new signature embodies the three core elements of the refreshed Memorex brand personality: vitality, simplicity and connections.
Press Release

With this strategy, the logo and the new packaging do feel like they fit the target very well. The packaging is softer and colorful and, to be honest, I (a guy) even prefer it to the old clunkers. The logo is nothing grand and the typography is a little excruciating to watch as no character has any relationship with the other, but it does achieve a mnemonic device to help distinguish Memorex — it’s certainly not the first logo to replace the “o” with something else, but in this context and for this brand it seems relevant. And in contrast to the old logo, which had a heavily techie feel, this change was extremely necessary to reach their desired audience.

Thanks to Peter Markatos for the tip.



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