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There is a New “W” in Town

Reviewed Jan. 10, 2011 by Armin

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Washington Nationals Logo, Before and After

Originally home to the Washington Senators, not one (1901 – 1960) but two times (1961 – 1971), Washington’s current Major League Baseball team is the Nationals, who were originally the Montreal Expos before they relocated to the U.S. as an expansion franchise. On November of last year, the Nationals announced new uniforms and new logos.

“From a brand perspective, our ability to develop the curly ‘W’ into something that’s iconic and instantly recognizable and understood is exactly what we’re about,” COO Andy Feffer told the media. “And the more equity that we can build in that simple, easy to understood symbol and what it stands for — youth energy, authenticity… If we’re able to communicate that in an authentic way that really resonates, it’s a much more effective play. And oh, by the way, it looks great. You’ll see it on TV, it’ll pop, it’s simple to understand.”
The Washington Post

Washington Nationals

The “W” has been part of the Nationals’ identity since the beginning, when it appeared on the cap. Now it’s the main identifier. The original logo wasn’t too bad and it communicated “baseball” with the conviction of a denying steroid user. The new logo looks like a baseball logo in that it celebrates the scripty nostalgic goodness of the Brooklyn/LA Dodgers logo — emphasized blatantly and annoyingly in the new wordmark, above. In a way, the new identity fits better with the rest of baseball logos, where script lettering is more common than spiky beveled sans serifs — it’s almost as if the new one identity is a throwback/retro version to a Nationals era that never existed, which is funny, in a manufactured sort of way. Nonetheless, it’s a perfectly acceptable execution of all the elements. Except, perhaps the super American “W” below.

Washington Nationals

Thanks to Jay-Michael Sutton for the tip.



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