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Thunder? What Thunder?

Reviewed Sep. 4, 2008 by Armin

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Oklahoma City Thunder Logo, New

Earlier this year, the city of Seattle and the Seattle SuperSonics owner Clay Bennett came to a $75 million-agreement where Bennett would be able to get out prematurely from his lease at Key Arena and take the team to Oklahoma City, while Seattle retains the SuperSonics name, rights and history so that one day it can have its team back. Introduced officially yesterday — although apparently leaking out slowly over the past few months — is the name and identity for the NBA’s “newest” team: The Oklahoma City Thunder. If the name doesn’t make you shake in your seat out of electrifying excitement neither will the logo, not even with lukewarm blurb about it: “With a nickname denoting energy and power, a classic-look logo, and the colors of an Oklahoma sunset […]”. Perhaps the most misguided, dispassionate and lackluster professional sports logo produced in recent time. There is nothing unique, memorable or thunderous about it and the cornucopia of elements thrown in there never make a cohesive whole. Quite dispiriting to see a blank-slate opportunity missed so harshly.



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