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Tilde in the News

Reviewed Nov. 26, 2010 by Armin

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CNN en Espa˜ol, Before and After

Launched in 1997, CNN en Español is the Spanish language counterpart to CNN airing across Latin America and is the leading news outlet in most of those countries. Last week, CNN en Español announced a major overhaul of their programming, a fancy new studio at Turner headquarters in Atlanta, a new tagline — Vive la Noticia (Live the News) — and a new logo.

CNN en Español keeps the channel’s iconic red logotype, but will now include a tilde over the two “N’s.” This device suggests movement, the dynamic nature of news, and a reference to the language that unites our viewers.
Press Release

I rarely say this in my reviews, but this is practically brilliant. First, it does away with the gangly, over extended typography appended to the original logo. Second, it trusts its audience to get it and gives them the benefit of the doubt that they are smart and can actually decipher the tilde as signifying “Español.” And, finally, it’s flawlessly done, working seamlessly with the very well known CNN logo and giving it a flair all its own. Long live the tilde.

CNN en Espa˜ol, Before and After

[Thanks to commenter Arthur V.* for pointing out the video above]. In most cases animations can add some conceptual and visual depth to a static logo — awkwardly enough, the animations above cheapen this logo. Go figure.



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