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Two Heads are Better than One

Reviewed Apr. 29, 2008 by Armin

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Intuit Logo, Before and After

I can’t stand the thought of taxes or administrative tasks — it’s not that I’m above it or that I am too creative to be bothered by them, I just get confused easily — but it is with fond memory that I remember Intuit’s TurboTax software that allowed me to file my very first 1040EZ form for my 1999 taxes when I originally moved to the U.S., a daunting task made significantly easy, even with that old android dude of a logo sticking its pixelated head out of the side of the box. Earlier this month, Intuit unveiled (internally) a new logo that replaces the android with a more broadly humanized representation of, well, humans.

There isn’t much information yet on the rebranding, as the web site still has the old logo and no press release has been released. TechGap.com does have some information on the matter:

“The brand will be rolled out gradually on the Web and in conjunction with product launches beginning in the fall,” according to Rich Walker, Intuit media relations. “This refreshed brand will place new and broader emphasis on the Intuit name. It will serve as our corporate brand and as the master brand for our small and mid-sized business products.”

The site also mentions that New York-based Lippincott designed the new identity, which is a vast improvement from the previous one which feels dated to a time when people had just discovered computers. The new logo does verge on the cliche, with the “t”s taking the shape of stick figures, but somehow manages to make it work semi-convincingly. I am not a fan at all of the upper and lower case combination, but the letterforms are at least unified in weight, making the shifts less jarring.

Intuit Sign

What looks like a cell phone picture of what could be the internal unveiling of the logo. Photo from mtnbkr1’s Flickr account.

The image above shows a nice detail when the logo exists as an object, with the dots being produced as spheres, instead of just extruding them as tubes. Until I wrote this post I had no idea that Intuit was also the maker of QuickBooks, the current administrative tool of UnderConsideration LLC, which points to both the fact that I don’t pay enough attention to this aspect of running a business (luckily, my wife and partner does!) and that Intuit as a brand is generally overshadowed by its products that probably enjoy more market recognition than their parent company. This new identity feels more poised to be a visual cue in branding the company’s popular products.

Thanks to Michael and Simone for the tip.



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