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Up + Down = 1

Reviewed Nov. 9, 2011 by Armin

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Official Charts Company Logo, Before and After

Established in 1998 as the Chart Information Network, The Official Charts Company (OCC), as it was renamed in 2002, is the gatekeeper of, basically, what is hot in the music and entertainment industry. Every week, after canvasing data from over 5,900 retailers in the UK selling at least 100 units of audio or video product per week, OCC publishes the definitive chart that is then published or used by BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2, MTV, Music Week, 80% of the national daily newspapers, and other magazines and websites. Although best known for their Official Singles Chart and the Official Artist Albums Chart, they compile more than 50 different charts. In October, with the launch of a robust consumer website, OCC introduced a new logo designed by London-based Give Up Art.

Official Charts Company Logo

The new identity […] subtly combines two vibrantly coloured arrows; a hot magenta upwards stroke and a cool cyan downwards arrow, overlapping to create a secret “1” — the most important number in the music charts. […] Official Charts managing director Martin Talbot says, “Our unique new ‘1’ icon will be the hallmark of the Official Charts Company, identifying the industry-recognised nature of the company’s data, a kitemark of accuracy and robustness. It has been created as an instantly recognisable and unique symbol, which will sit at the centre of all of our communications.”
Press Release

Watch the first 15 seconds for the logo animation.

The old logo wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t a chart-topper either. I’ve made it known that I don’t like play buttons in logos that have to do with music or entertainment, it’s just too easy, but on this one at least it was cleverly embedded in the counter of the “O”. Nonetheless, a blocky, inflexible logo. The new logo brings a smile to my face. Well, at least the icon does. Not as peekaboo-ish as the FedEx arrow, a “1” is revealed at the intersection of the two arrows, which seems like such a simple idea once you see it executed, but it had never occurred to me that you could find it there. The arrows are chunky and vibrant, giving it a nice pop culture patina, and as seen on the video above, the icon works great on its own. The typography works okay even if it’s tightly tracked and crowding the logo as if they were at a packed night club dancing to that week’s number one single. Overall, a rather nice redesign that makes OCC look like part of the music scene, not just a boring number cruncher.

Thanks to Penn Glendinning for the tip.



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