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Viva gets Sharper

Reviewed Feb. 9, 2011 by Armin

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Viva Logo, Before and After

First aired in 1993, Viva is a music and entertainment channel on German television — with programming that ranges from Friends to America’s Next Top Model to Jackass to its own Top 10, Top 50, and Top 100 videos. Originally owned privately, Viva was purchased by MTV Europe in 2004 and since 2000 the channel has been exported to Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Poland, and the UK. In January Viva launched a new on-air package and identity developed by the internal creative team of MTV Networks Germany.

The logo evolution is fairly straightforward: it assumes that its viewers recognize the abstract VIVA letters as a set of triangles and it takes it from a blobby friendly logo to an edgy almost angry logo with really, really sharp points. It does away with differentiating between the “I” and “A” triangles where before the “I” was hollow; this version is more confident that way, again giving its audience credit for knowing what channel has four triangles.



Show logos. Click image for bigger view.

The new identity revolves around triangles, and a big triangle helps anchor many of the applications. The above image shows the different show logos, or more like show icons. Individually they are all barely okay, but as a whole they really come together and add to the edgy aesthetic. The type selection is also good, avoiding all the usual sans serif suspects for something less refined (in a good way). Below is a video of how it all comes together.

VIVA REBRAND 2011 from Dinko Lacic on Vimeo.

Finally, all good TV identities are to be judged by their on-air application and Viva’s is f*#king awesome. Yes, that’s my professional and eloquent critique, and I will leave it at that — I mean, c’mon, there is people on fire and people exploding (also in a good way). See for yourself below. For more visuals and stills, Design Made in Germany has most of it.

VIVA REBRAND 2011 - Show Package Reel from Dinko Lacic on Vimeo.

Thanks to Oguzhan Ocalan for first tip.



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