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What’s Der Frequency?

Reviewed Mar. 26, 2012 by Armin

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SRF Logo, Before and After

If this looks familiar it’s because it’s part of the overall rebranding of SRG SSR, the Swiss organization responsible for public service broadcast in radio, television, and online in all four official languages of Switzerland. Earlier this month we covered RTS, the French language TV and radio channel. Now comes the German language radio and TV stations, established in 1931 and previously known as SR DRS (Schweizer Radio: Radio der deutschen und rätoromanischen Schweiz, “Swiss Radio: Radio of the German and Romansh Switzerland” in English) which has been renamed SRF (Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen, “Swiss Radio and Television” in English). The logos for the television channels remain the same but the six radio stations have all gotten new logos.

SRF Logo, Before and After

Radio station identities aren’t necessarily industry breaking news but as part of this overall rebranding of SRG SSR it’s an interesting look at a very broad implementation challenge. While the RTS logos turned out to be a hot mess, these six logos are relatively better and for the most part have a consistent language that, at first glance, looks well resolved and unified but upon further analysis there are a lot of strange things going on.

The main lock-up is hard to argue against: A big square, with “RADIO” and the SRF tag underneath. Cool, no problem. The second part also checks out: Big, white number or letter in center of square. Okay, next: sliced and bended numbers or letters. This is where things start to fall apart, with the “1” having none, the “2” and “4” a vertical slice but no bends, the “3” a diagonal slice and no bends, the 4” with a bend, the “V” with an insinuated slice and no bends, and “Musik Welle” with none. Then there are shadows: “1” has none but it has a glow, “2” has a very long outer shadow, “3” has an inner short and hard shadow, “4” has some subtle outer shadow, “V” has a very small inner shadow, and “Musik Welle” has none.

There are glimmers of goodness in there though. The “2” and “4” have a very nice play with the name of the station and I wish they would have extended that idea into the “V” station and the word “Virus”. The long shadow in “2” seemed like an interesting way of adding tension inside the logo, but that execution never repeats. And “Musik Welle”, as weird and out of place as it seems, has a great flair to it that somehow works well in that blue box.

Overall, it’s not terrible but it could have definitely used more policing in establishing parameters to work within.

Thanks to Nick Lobeck for the tip.



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