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New Logo and Identity for Afterpay by YummyColours

Established in 2015, Afterpay is an international payments platform that “enables financial wellness for the next generation of shoppers” — what that means is that it allows consumers to buy-now and pay-later (in four installments) on select retailers both online and in-store. Targeted squarely at a younger, credit card-averse audience, Afterpay tries to curve over-spending and accruing of debt by locking users’ ability to spend until they are caught up with their payments. The company started in Australia and moved into the U.S. market in 2018, where, this year, its number of customers here (3.6 million) has surpassed those in Australia (3.1 million) although it still has many more retailers using their system there (35,000+ vs. 7,000+). It’s also available in New Zealand and the UK (where it is known as Clearpay) serving in total more than 10 million customers and partnering with more than 55,000 retailers. This month, Afterpay introduced a new identity designed by New York, NY-based YummyColours.

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