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Biennale dello Spazio Pubblico

Biennale dello Spazio Pubblico by Zago LLCBiennale dello Spazio Pubblico by Zago LLC


An inter­na­tional bien­nial event cre­ated with the pur­pose of cel­e­brat­ing the impor­tance of pub­lic space for the qual­ity of life and social equity in cities, debat­ing public-space related themes, and pre­sent­ing good prac­tices from all over the world on the cre­ation, man­age­ment, and enjoy­ment of pub­lic spaces.


Zago was asked to cre­ate a unique and dis­tin­guish­ing mark to sym­bol­ize the Bien­nale. Con­sid­er­ing its mul­ti­lin­gual audi­ence, the logo had to be read in Ital­ian and Eng­lish, and the sym­bol had to encom­pass the notion of space while main­tain­ing three-dimensionality.


The logo­mark was cre­ated from the foun­da­tion of the B that starts Bien­nale. The B forms one con­tin­u­ous line sym­bol­iz­ing inclu­sion and com­mu­nity. The shape of the B has been designed to give the illu­sion of space and three-dimensionally with a gra­di­ent effect. We cre­ated a logo that was truly dis­tinc­tive and sus­tain­able with the abil­ity to be adapted for future use.

After a few ini­tial attempts, we imme­di­ately felt that our logo should be pro­duced by Zago LLC. We had always been impressed by their excel­lence in com­bin­ing ele­gance with restraint, clar­ity with sug­ges­tion. The logo they offered met our best expec­ta­tions. The fonts, the pro­por­tions, and the grey color nuances that cre­ate a tri-dimensional relief for the let­ter B estab­lish the Biennial’s unique per­son­al­ity; and their cou­pling with the year cre­ate space, as it were, for renew­ing the Biennial’s mes­sage while retain­ing its dis­tinc­tive fea­tures. — Mario Spada, Coor­di­na­tor at Bien­nale Spazio Pub­blico and Pietro Garau, Inter­na­tional Cura­tor at Bien­nale Spazio Pubblico

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