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Raúl Cárdenas

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Alfonso Fernández


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Cementos Inka

Cementos Inka by BrandlabCementos Inka by BrandlabCementos Inka by BrandlabCementos Inka by Brandlab


A Peru­vian com­pa­ny that pro­duces and com­mer­cial­izes cement on a nation­al level.


Our client asked us to work on a com­plete redesign and redi­rec­tion of their brand, all of this to get more recog­ni­tion in the mar­ket and to stand out more at the point of purchase. 


We noticed that the brand had huge poten­tial, start­ing by its name, so after some research, we draft­ed the brand strat­e­gy we want­ed to fol­low. Our main goal was to design a pack­age that reflect­ed strength. We found that there were sev­er­al match­ing points between the geo­met­ri­cal pat­terns Inka cul­ture used with visu­al ele­ments in the con­struc­tion indus­try. We also gave the brand a main role and impor­tance by design­ing a logo that take us to Inka times, while reflect­ing a con­tem­po­rary brand as well.

The rebrand Cementos Inka underwent was pretty radical, but in a good way. Brandlab was able to create a design that represented quality and modernity, aspects that the former design did not reflect. In other words, we had a product with great quality but with a presentation that was definitely not the best for the construction industry. Since the rebrand the results have been really good, sales have been increasing more and more each year, and right now we are the cement company with most growth in the country. Brandlab did a first class work. — Carlos Alberto Choy, Marketing Manager at Cementos Inka

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