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Henry Wood

Henry Wood by The PartnersHenry Wood by The PartnersHenry Wood by The Partners


Mas­ter crafts­man and car­pen­ter. His work ranges from solo com­mis­sions to work­ing with larg­er teams that require a high lev­el of craft­man­ship. 100% of Hen­ry Wood’s work comes through either word of mouth or exist­ing contacts.


Devel­op an iden­ti­ty to reflect Hen­ry Wood’s tal­ent, craft, and pas­sion for all things wood, with a spe­cial empha­sis on his busi­ness card, his most com­mon­ly used point of contact.


A thumb print/wood grain logo cre­ates his unique mak­er’s mark—even his age is in the mark, count the rings. For those spe­cial com­mis­sions Hen­ry’s mark is laser etched on to a brass plaque and dis­creet­ly placed under­neath his fur­ni­ture items. The busi­ness card takes on the appear­ance of wood, achieved by duplex­ing five 540gsm alter­nat­ing col­ors of GF Smith Col­or­plan mak­ing it a mighty 2,700gsm busi­ness card.

Throughout the process, there was a clear focus on creating a design to reflect me as a person as well as the carpenter I am. We talked through my goals and I was involved in the whole process. The result far exceeded my expectations. It really is a symbol of the carpenter I am. Even the paper stock enforced a high quality natural feel. I have such confidence in distributing my business cards, with many clients commenting on how much they liked them. — Henry Wood

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