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Kei Takimoto


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Krimth Inc. by Kei TakimotoKrimth Inc. by Kei TakimotoKrimth Inc. by Kei TakimotoKrimth Inc. by Kei TakimotoKrimth Inc. by Kei TakimotoKrimth Inc. by Kei Takimoto


A man­u­fac­tur­er of nail art prod­ucts for pro­fes­sion­al use main­ly tar­get­ed with­in the Japan mar­ket. It was estab­lished in 2013.


To design the logo­mark, sta­tionery, cal­en­dar, and pro­mo­tion­al mate­ri­als for the nail art prod­uct man­u­fac­tur­er Krimth Inc. The tar­get audi­ence is pro­fes­sion­al nail artists and cos­meti­cians in Japan, where there are already many com­peti­tors in the mar­ket, so Krimth Inc. need­ed to have a strong and impact­ful identity.


Cre­at­ing a logo­mark and expos­ing it to var­i­ous media alone would not leave a strong impres­sion among con­sumers. So I cre­at­ed a logo­mark that is vari­able and transformable—I made it pos­si­ble, depend­ing on the media, to stretch and to trans­form into a striped pat­tern. The ver­ti­cal stretch and the stripe pat­tern are also rem­i­nis­cent of beau­ti­ful, slen­der fin­gers with ele­gant nails.

It was not easy to start a nail art product manufacturing company in 2013 in Japan where the fashion nail market was already at a mature stage. However, this time, with total branding design support by the graphic designer Mr. Kei Takimoto, a brand design with huge impact was developed and our brand has been quickly recognized in the market. We really appreciate it. We are going to gradually increase the high quality product lineup and keep cultivating this brand. — Yasuko Imai, CEO at Krimth Inc.

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