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Lightcast Ltd.

Lightcast Ltd. by The PartnersLightcast Ltd. by The Partners


Expert light­ing direc­tors from Man­ches­ter, UK, pro­vid­ing cre­ative solu­tions for the­atres, TV shows, and events. Cred­its include Celebrity Big Brother 2013, The Mil­lion Pound Drop, and The Voice Blind Audi­tions.


Design a logo and sta­tionery to reflect their cre­ative light­ing capa­bil­i­ties and project their brand with confidence.


Their new logo uses a copy­right sym­bol as a light source, ele­gantly cast­ing light onto the top and right hand edges of black let­ters spelling the company’s name. Their let­ter­head reveals a hid­den logo water­mark when held up to a light source, and their busi­ness cards are gloss foiled along the top and right hand edges—mimicking the light catch­ing the edges of the let­ters in their logo.

Cre­at­ing an impact­ful iden­tity in a highly spe­cialised indus­try dom­i­nated by a few big names and many smaller organ­i­sa­tions was key. The iden­tity needed to cover a range of exist­ing and future ser­vices under one look and feel and appeal to a diverse range of poten­tial clients from the gen­eral pub­lic to senior TV and stu­dio exec­u­tives. We have had great feed­back from clients and indus­try col­leagues as to the dis­tinctly dif­fer­ent design, which cuts through a sea of competitor’s col­ors and images. The iden­tity also pro­vides tremen­dous scope to trans­late across mar­ket­ing col­lat­eral and envi­ron­men­tal spaces. — Mar­tyn Rourke, Owner and Kate Jones, Direc­tor at Light­cast Ltd.

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