About the Conference Identity

If we were to give the identity a title it would be “The Brand Debris Quilt.” Through a rather strange path of concepting that started with wanting to create an identity that poked fun at a few trends in logo and identity design — Gotham! Overlays! Patterns! — we arrived at a variation and combination of these three trends that we felt wasn’t totally gratuitous. Self-indulgent? Yes. (One of the benefits of being our own clients). But not totally gratuitous.

trend 1: geometric letterforms

The Gotham trend led us down a path of creating custom geometric letterforms, with counterspaces filled in and lots of trendy triangles and circles.

About the Conference Identity

gotham ultra as inspiration for abstract geometric letterforms.

trend 2: color overlays

The overlay trend was pretty easy to achieve. We picked two colors that yielded a nice third one; blue and red to render purple. We didn’t do a true overlay because a) it would be trendy and b) we wanted more control over the color palette, so we just used it as a starting point.

About the Conference Identity

some basic color mixing.

trend 3: patterning

This is where we started to have fun. The geometric letterforms looked a little lame just like that, not adding anything new. So we established a concentric grid of circles and vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines to break down each letter.

About the Conference Identity

forming disparate patterns within the letterforms.

missing something…

The above result was interesting but it could have been used for any other conference. Our conference boils down to talking about logos, identities, and brands and at the core of what we do is a respect for the “great” logo, the ones we can identify with our eyes closed. So first we thought about filling in the letters with famous logos, but that felt like rolling out the red carpet to a bunch of lawyers and that’s when the idea of “debris” came. Instead of showing the logos, we would take bits and pieces of them to create new patterns that carry an essence of these logos.

About the Conference Identity

plucking elements from well-known logos to create new patterns.

the debris

We chose 20 different logos to create patterns from and we generated “tight” and “loose” versions to provide different textures.

About the Conference Identity

all 20 debris items; half in “tight” patterns and the other half in “loose”. From top to bottom, left to right: London 2012, Playboy, UPS (old), Nickelodeon (new), Mont Blanc, Sun Microsystems, Obama 2008 Campaign, Deutsche Bank, Starbucks, FedEx, Product (RED), Saab, Travelocity, AT&T (old), Pittsburgh Steelers, Apple, The Royal Parks, United Way (new), Chick-Fil-A, and Amazon.

quilting it all together

Each segment of the letterforms has its own color and pattern, giving it the sense of a pretty crazy quilt. You can see all the letterforms on the splash page of this conference’s website.

About the Conference Identity

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