Jonathan Hoefler


HOEFLER & Co. / New York, NY

Jonathan Hoefler has been designing typefaces since 1989. His company, Hoefler & Co., is home to one of the world’s most distinguished font libraries, designs such as Knockout, Gotham, Mercury, and Archer that are known for both high performance and high style. H&Co works with brand leaders in every sector, developing original typefaces for print, web, and mobile environments, and licensing fonts from our library of more than one thousand designs.

Hoefler has been awarded both the Prix Charles Peignot for outstanding contributions to type design, and the AIGA Medal, the design profession’s highest honor. A two-time honoree of the National Design Award, H&Co’s work is in the permanent collections of both the Smithsonian Institution and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

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Jonathan Hoefler


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Typography beyond typography
Good designers know how to pick the perfect font. But great designers know that the choice of a typeface gives rise to strategic, commercial, and technical opportunities, which shape designers’ relationships with their clients for years to come. For 26 years, Jonathan Hoefler of H&Co has helped the industry’s best designers not only to develop the world’s foremost brands, but to build lasting relationships with their corporate, editorial, and institutional clients, including Coca-Cola, Twitter, Yahoo, Tiffany & Co., Delta Airlines, and the Executive Office of the President. Join him for an exploration of how typefaces affect business in ways that go far beyond the visual.