Scott Dadich


Co-CEO and Founder

Godfrey Dadich Partners

San Francisco, CA

Scott Dadich’s award-winning storytelling spans many genres, from the written word to filmmaking and design. As Editor in Chief of WIRED, Scott was charged with looking into the future and identifying the forces changing our world. Whether meeting secretly with a fugitive Edward Snowden in a Moscow hotel room, sitting down with President Obama to discuss the future of AI, or arguing with Mark Zuckerberg about privacy, few journalists have delved as deeply into the rapidly-shifting power dynamics of our modern era. Scott added filmmaking to his repertoire in 2016 when Netflix greenlit Abstract: The Art of Design, a documentary series about the visionary designers shaping the world around us that Scott created and executive produced. He is founder and Co-CEO of Godfrey Dadich Partners, a design and strategy firm with offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York that creates narratives—from documentary films and longform journalism to corporate strategies and campaigns. And in March, 2018, Scott co-founded Majordomo Media, a new kind of entertainment and media company with renowned chef David Chang.







Wrong Theory
We have figured out the rules of creating sleek sophistication and we know, more or less, how to get it right. Now, we need a shift in perspective that allows us to move forward. Scott Dadich calls this shift “The Wrong Theory,” and in a fascinating and provocative presentation argues that the future of design and technology is centered in making decisions counter to widely accepted convention.