Dr Natasha Grand

Dr Natasha Grand



London, UK

Dr Natasha Grand is director of INSTID (Institute for Identity) that she co-founded in 2009. INSTID helps places find their competitive advantage, develop it and communicate it worldwide. INSTID is one of the world’s oldest dedicated place identity consultancies, has won a string of international awards and accolades, as well as coverage of the likes of The Guardian and the BBC. Prior to INSTID, Dr Grand worked as a Senior Political Risk Analyst for IHS Global Insight, and interned with the United Nations headquarters in New York. She received her PhD from London School of Economics in 2006 for a thesis on modern national ideologies.






Successful nations and companies each have a particular distinct lifestyle. How can one give a purpose and meaning to a place or a company? How can one create and sustain their lifestyle, based on their character and talents? Identity is the new IT.