Alfredo E., Bruno C., Matti V., Marcelo J.


San Jose, Costa Rica

Comfortably surrounded by green mountains and beautiful beaches, Pupila is a creative studio from Costa Rica. Over the course of 9 years Pupila has been responsible for the organization of a massive international design festival, a Latin Grammy nomination, 400+ both local and international creative projects, almost 2 tons of coffee sold — since 2017 — through their side project Bocanegra, two marriages, zero divorces and the birth of 2 daughters and 2 sons.

Current partners of the studio are Alfredo Enciso, Bruno Campos, Matti Vandersee and Marcelo Jiménez.

Father of two, husband of one, Alfredo has an unexplainable obsession for Excel, but a unique eye for art direction and awkward bathroom jokes. Born in Peru, Alfredo arrived in Costa Rica in 2002 searching for education, but instead found love.

Bruno is the oldest, wisest, father of a young boy and a princess, and also the responsible for the studio’s obsession for great coffee. As a child, he got rescued by a stranger after being locked in an elevator for several minutes, an event that completely changed his relationship with those darn human traps.

They say nature is wise, that’s probably why Matti was born with two left feet. Incapable of becoming a professional soccer player, Matti decided to pursue a design career. Originally from Germany, landed in Costa Rica in 2009. Father of a 6-month old prinzessin, he spends his time between watching soccer, typography and changing diapers.

Marcelo says he loves dinosaurs, but no one has ever actually seen him riding or hunting one. An affable human being on the outside, and a versatile designer on the inside, Marcelo — The Dogfather — is the bearer of a distracted, but curious mind.