October 3 – 4

Austin, TX


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In-House International

Austin, TX

Lope Gutierrez-Ruiz & Michu Benaim S.


Lope Gutierrez-Ruiz & Michu Benaim S.

Michu and Lope are co-founders of design studio In-House International based in Austin, TX, and Barcelona, Spain. There, they lead a ragtag team of designers from across the world to create brand identities, animation, editorial, and data visualization work, always under the motto “with curiosity and care.” They deeply value having a team immersed in a variety of places and contexts and have made wide exploration part of their approach to design for over a decade.

In previous lives they were journalists, academic researchers, editors, art directors, and publishers. Now, they not only lead design work for the studio, but have also spun-off a type foundry specialized in experimental fonts, which has released a roster of expressive and sometimes impractical display types that they love seeing out in the world.

Design and research clients of the studio include Meta, BBC, Indeed, WIRED, findhelp, TED.com, Kiva, and the Everson Museum of Art. Clients of the typeface foundry include awesome designers and their own clients everywhere--they once spotted a Coca-Cola ad that used one of their fonts.

Lope Gutierrez-Ruiz & Michu Benaim S.



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Tentatively about how keeping wide individual interests and engaging in them fully is important to us (and valuable to our work).