October 3 – 4

Austin, TX


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Wilton, CT

Paul Worthington


Paul Worthington

Paul has been in the branding business for over twenty years, led major branding programs across four continents, lived in two, had his words published by the likes of Fast Company, and won multiple awards along the way.

Previously head of strategy and client principal at renowned branding consultancy Wolff Olins, he now runs his own little-known strategic branding firm, Invencion, because his family matters more to him than long plane rides and distant clients. Once described jokingly by a colleague as “The Rainman of Branding,” he’s adopted that persona wholeheartedly. Having worked with everyone from massive global corporations to the smallest of startups, he’s developed a keen nose for the smelly stuff that passes for thinking in the branding business.

To help others see through the bullshit, he writes Off-Kilter, a no holds barred approach to finding the signal in the noise of branding, marketing, and design.

Paul Worthington



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Anti-Ultraboring: How not to be replaced by an algorithm.