2014 - Chicago (Free)

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An overview of his work — focusing on urban icons — before, during, and after his 1968 Summer Olympics identity. PREVIEW

A dueling view on what’s the most important thing — the logo or the system — through a series of high-profile case studies. PREVIEW

An enthralling origin story about Anagrama’s business model and some examples of their colliding creative concepts. PREVIEW

An in-depth look at the motivations and making of Google’s new and exhaustive Material Design approach. PREVIEW

A behind the scenes look at how Moving Brands was built, grown, and the risks one has to be willing to take. PREVIEW

A range of reasons to design for special causes. (This video/session is shared with Dawn Hancock and Bob Faust). PREVIEW

A case study of Divvy, Chicago’s bike-sharing program. (This video/session is shared with Justin Ahrens and Bob Faust). PREVIEW

A case for considering branding as making memories. (This video/session is shared with Justin Ahrens and Dawn Hancock). PREVIEW