2016 - Nashville (Free)

A non-jargon-y nor pretentious promotion of holistic design and how bridging and unifying the worlds of product and brand design generate stronger results. PREVIEW

An in-depth look at the process behind the redesign of the Google logo and the challenges of deploying it across the platform and myriad offshoots. PREVIEW

An introduction to the Mozilla Open Design project and step-by-step peek at the second round of exploratory identity work by johnson banks. PREVIEW

An overview of how SPIN works, the influences in Tony’s work, a sampling of two projects, and a preview of upcoming Unit Editions titles. PREVIEW

An informative talk on the challenges of making signs and the considerations designers should have when designing logos that will end up as signs. PREVIEW

A breakdown, smartly framed through basic human skills, of the approach Base Design takes in their work while showcasing some of their work. PREVIEW

A behind-the-scenes, no-holds-barred look at the clever and surprising design, motion, and live-action work of ManVsMachine. PREVIEW

An illuminating glimpse into the research and restoration of dozens of Olympic emblems, mascots, and identities carried out with evident love and exemplary craft. PREVIEW

A great story of the team’s first designer creating a logo steeped in research and meaning and bringing to life an identity. (This video is shared with Derrick Castle and Benji Peck). PREVIEW