2017 - Chicago ($4 each)

A peek inside the world of custom box sets for independent music labels by a Grammy Award-winning designer who started her career as a secretary. PREVIEW

An overview of the growth of the Black Lives Matter movement and what role branding plays in the organization. PREVIEW

A glimpse at how this office of three designers works and the effervescent work they produce in branding and packaging. PREVIEW

An insightfully personal talk about letting go of the pressure designers feel to be perfect punctuated by fantastic, near-perfect projects. PREVIEW

A demonstration of all the things he loves — color, food, stress — through a hearty sampling of projects spanning print, identity, and cooking. PREVIEW

A behind-the-scenes look at how a truly innovative product was launched and how design played a role every step of the way. PREVIEW

A highly enjoyable tale of becoming the in-house designer for Robert Rodriguez and meeting every challenge with gory chutzpah. PREVIEW

A look at how Rand McNally evolved its identity and how it stays flexible. (This video is shared with Knoed and Jodi). PREVIEW

A small range of case studies presented to illustrate how Knoed improves their creative process. (This video is shared with Joerg and Jodi). PREVIEW