2018 – New York ($8 each)

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An entertaining glimpse at his approach to generating ideas and developing identities (including his own). PREVIEW

A rare look at the process of making graphic props and fake brands for movies like Bridge of Spies and Grand Budapest Hotel. PREVIEW

A handful of case studies from a career spanning over 55 years and many design disciplines. PREVIEW

A breakdown of three approaches to developing brands that are similar in both design firms and ad agencies. PREVIEW

A thoughtful, three-part sports analogy looking at Koto’s team, tactics, and game through three case studies. PREVIEW

A cautionary presentation on the symbols used by Neo-Nazis and white supremacists who have moved beyond Swastikas. PREVIEW (This video file is shared with Katie Levy & Mike McVicar and Deva Pardue)

A quick timeline of Gander’s growth and some examples of their commitment to helping the underdogs tell their stories. PREVIEW (This video file is shared with Deva Pardue and Mirko Ilić)

An overview of the evolution of the identity for The Wing, a growing network of women-only co-working spaces. PREVIEW (This video file is shared with Mirko Ilić and Katie Levy & Mike McVicar)