2022 – Austin ($8 each)

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A high-energy, highly entertaining narrative from this proud Long Island boy as he tackles the change from a comfortable yet challenging in-house job to getting out of his comfort zone and starting his own design firm. PREVIEW

A story of personal and professional transformation experienced through the world of professional sports with Maureen bringing her artistic point of view to the world’s biggest sports stages, from the NHL to the MLB to the NFL, best exemplified by her work on the Super Bowl LVI logo and identity. PREVIEW

An insightful conversation with a young entrepreneur and a champion of all things periods, touching on the myriad challenges and opportunities of growing a consumer brand in the menstrual care category that is often clinical, distant, and far from real. PREVIEW

A detailed and typographically-nerdy look into how custom typefaces inform retail typefaces and vice versa as seen through a handful of excellent examples from Jeremy’s work for clients and design firms despite some setbacks early in his design career (read: childhood spent designing toys on spec). PREVIEW

A thoughtful and compassionate retelling of a period of grief this past year that lead to setting new working standards that prioritized well-being and set up an unconventional presentation of a trio of case studies that each ended with a faux obituary of the brand being presented. PREVIEW

A quick look at what it takes to design an identity for a small city — City of Sunset Valley, Texas — which may seem like an easy task but showcasing the breadth of research, development, and endless array of applications, it’s clear it’s not. PREVIEW (This video file is shared with Lope & Michu and Nhi)

An honest appraisal via a series of confessions of becoming a design studio through an unconventional path and embracing those early challenges, mistakes, and lack of experience to build a different kind of design studio — for the better. PREVIEW (This video file is shared with Jose Canales and Nhi)

An example of the potential impact of representation through branding with a case study of the identity and pitch deck for a movie that was almost made to measure for this passionate, second-generation Vietnamese American. PREVIEW (This video file is shared with Jose Canales and Lope & Michu)