2023 - Chicago ($12 each)

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An insight into the role his childhood played in developing a professional path devoted to designing for climate change, human rights and justice, education, anti-corruption, regeneration, and diversity and inclusion causes. PREVIEW

A head-spinning and animated-GIF-filled thesis to help us see brands as memes which are living, breathing, iterative ideas as a way to shift our approach from taking total control of a brand to giving brands the best chance of replicating without us. PREVIEW

A raw and honest look at two outsiders — no traditional design education or agency experience — as they try (and, spoiler, succeed) at making a name for themselves and their work all while prevailing over preconceptions about what Orthodox Jewish women can or can’t do. PREVIEW

An ode to the principles that drive Ghost Note Agency — an agency that understands and values the stories of underrepresented communities through a team that represents diverse experiences — and how that vibe must be protected at all times, leading to meaningful and unique work. PREVIEW

An introspection into what it means to be an outsider, an immigrant, (an invader?), in life and in business and how that feeling of inadequacy lead to a deeper understanding of place branding: that a place is made every day and that its success lies in societal change first and foremost, not its brand. PREVIEW

An inside peek at a practice that blends branding and product design through three main principles: pursuing one’s passion, partnering with the right people, and trusting the process. PREVIEW (This video is shared with Abe Zieleniec and Julia Cho & Denny Liu)

A deep dive from a proud mattress salesman — a playful take on his in-house daytime job — into the brand identity and packaging design for Blakesville Creamery and its many goat illustrations. Bonus, an endorsement to mood boards. PREVIEW (This video is shared with Candace Solola and Julia Cho & Denny Liu)

A glimpse at a studio practicing interior design and branding showcasing their similarities and how they inform each other whether it be for clients in the hospitality or the food and beverage industries as good taste (and a good partnership) knows no boundaries. PREVIEW (This video is shared with Candace Solola and Abe Zieleniec)