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A thoughtful case for being more open and accepting of clients and building strong relationships that lead to more meaningful work. (This video is shared with Ashley Strauss and Derrick…

An invigorating look at the challenges of a show that influenced many of us while showcasing the creative output keeping the brand on track. PREVIEW

A fast-paced history of Hatch Show Print and its 137-year legacy plus a passing of the torch as Jim steps away. PREVIEW

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A look at the branding process focusing on the gap between the strategy and design phases, illustrated through some of johnson banks’ own work. PREVIEW

A historic overview of the relationship between architecture and design and how that led to the birth of corporate identity in the Netherlands. PREVIEW

A detailed behind the scenes account on the concept and development of the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra identity by Bond. PREVIEW

An example of how a love of calligraphy and continuous exploring of its potential informs the client work of the team at TNOP DESIGN. PREVIEW

A range of six projects framed around the relationship between firm and client and how each shaped the process leading to a simple, iconic logo. PREVIEW

A convincing case for traveling, enjoying food, and living life as it can lead to great clients and authentic references to draw from. PREVIEW