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A showcase of graphic empowerment for Thonik’s clients in media, culture, politics, and more through smart ideas and bold executions. PREVIEW

An energetic exploration on the worlds of business and design colliding, the good and bad that has come of it, and the role we play. PREVIEW

A look at how a foundation in the craft of design has allowed DixonBaxi to work in multiple mediums across a variety of industries. PREVIEW

A look at the design of the FRAC Aquitaine identity, preceded by a showcase of non-identity work that informs her approach and attention to detail. PREVIEW

A lively conversation touching on life after Wolff Olins, a story of his first-ever client, the power of language, and more. PREVIEW

A range of examples of their “strip & tease” approach that thrives on leaving out as much as they put in into every design. PREVIEW

An excellent use of soccer (né futbol) as a metaphor for Mucho’s team structure and playful yet structured approach to design. PREVIEW

A different point of view from a non-designer on running a design firm, keeping employees and clients happy, while aiming to do meaningful work. PREVIEW

An account of the process of designing for large clients with huge audiences and the inevitable public scrutiny while doing the work with aplomb. PREVIEW

A thoughtful, insightful, and engaging deconstruction of what branding is and isn’t based on more than twenty years of experience in the matter. PREVIEW