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An explanation on the importance of selecting robust type families for clients for the best and broadest brand implementation. PREVIEW

An exhaustive, entertaining, and admirable showcase of Philippe's various logos and identities. Bonus: plenty of unselected logos shown. PREVIEW

An inside look at the development and implementation of Airbnb's 2014 redesign and the impact the community had in it. PREVIEW

A spirited conversation between the three partners on collaboration and process with insight into some of their favorite projects. PREVIEW

A resolute response to feedback on three poorly-received identities on Brand New and a call for better understanding of identity redesigns. PREVIEW

A fast-paced overview using only images available on social media of the materials created for the Whitney relocation. (This video/session is shared with Rodney Abbot and Larry Pipitone + Eric…

An in-depth overview of the strategy, thinking, and business-plus-culture considerations behind the Southwest identity redesign. (This video/session is shared with Hilary Greenbaum and Larry Pipitone + Eric Collins + Joey…

A reveal of how three twenty-one-year-olds started a business, landed large clients, and now run a successful design firm by "faking it". (This video/session is shared with Hilary Greenbaum and…

An entertaining look into an entertaining career that bridges iconic pop-culture brands like Star Wars with the Hallmark galaxy. PREVIEW