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A rare, behind-the-scenes look at the identity and web presence of the 2012 Obama Campaign as designed by Josh and team. PREVIEW

A thorough and Inception-like analysis of why humans care so deeply about brands and the shape of branding in this century. PREVIEW

An improptu conversation between Bob and the audience, preceded by an explanation of his process and examples of it in execution. PREVIEW

An eye-opening presentation on the trials and tribulations of designing global type families for immense clients. PREVIEW

An ode to the power of self-driven projects and a look at Matt's many inimitable styles and approaches. (Plus: Donuts!). PREVIEW

An “insider” presentation showing failed (paid) pitches as well as a couple of implemented projects. PREVIEW

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An overview of SomeOne’s approach to flexible, client-empowering identities over repetitively consistent ones. PREVIEW

An in-depth look at four projects — characterized by quiet strength — from the portfolio of Foreign Policy Design Group. PREVIEW

Musings on everything from the Pink Panther to brand storytelling to the 26 letters of the alphabet. PREVIEW

Explaining Siegel+Gale’s mantra “Smart is Simple” through case studies and industry assesments. PREVIEW

A conversation that brings to life over 70 years of dedication to the pursuit of beauty and integrity in design. PREVIEW