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A thoughtful (and humorous) introduction to the business of naming and why it's harder than it seems. PREVIEW

A strong case in favor of procrastination. (This video/session is shared with Alisa Wolfson and Dave Mason). PREVIEW

A quick look at Recipeace, a brand focusing on resolving conflict through a shared meal. (This video/session is shared with Jim Coudal and Dave Mason). PREVIEW

A call for respect of other designers' work and consideration for the "in-between". (This video/session is shared with Jim Coudal and Alisa Wolfson). PREVIEW

A tale of kindling a love affair with branding through a beautiful set of projects for the fashion industry. PREVIEW

An unexpected, no-holds-barred, passionate take on the good, the bad, and the ugly of our industry. PREVIEW

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A background check on Stuart plus an inside look at some of venturethree’s energetic identities and campaigns. PREVIEW

An amusing look at the world of Minor League Baseball and the fantastic identities and merchandise designed by Brandiose. PREVIEW

A rare, behind-the-scenes look at the identity and web presence of the 2012 Obama Campaign as designed by Josh and team. PREVIEW

A thorough and Inception-like analysis of why humans care so deeply about brands and the shape of branding in this century. PREVIEW

An improptu conversation between Bob and the audience, preceded by an explanation of his process and examples of it in execution. PREVIEW